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Dudutki Folk Crafts Museum tour

Dudutki - one of the most popular and visited museums of Belarus in whom it is possible not only informatively and is interesting to spend time, but also to have a rest, taste local production, including moonshine on brovar, to ride horses, walk on a zoo.
The past and the present measure in Dudutki, life of the ancient estate of XIX century and convenience of the modern tourist center meet. Here You will be glad to know gentry way of courtyard, work of the masters recreating ancient technologies in operation, culinary heritage of our ancestors, the bewitching nature of the Minsk land, surprising fauna. All exhibits can be touched, tried, felt.
You will see the old and the only functioning windmill in Belarus, learn the history and secrets of its construction work, and finely try to treat of miller (lard, bread, onions).
You can take the place of the master for a few minutes at the potter's wheel in the pottery workshop. Then you will visit a rural blacksmith shop, watch a blacksmith work and learn the secrets of his craft, with luck, he will choose you as a mate and give just maked horseshoe «for luck».
It is good idea visiting the Belarusian traditional bakery, where you hear about the enchanting process of the birth of rye bread, and then you will find a welcome treat of baker (bread, cheese, butter, herbal tea).
A souvenir of straw and flax will be in the ethnographic gallery with an exhibition of everyday objects XVIII-XX centuries.
But none that you can not be compared with refreshments in Brovary (old aristocratic vodka and a traditional snack).
Then you will visit tavern in the style of «country» and view antique cars from the museum's collection of vintage cars - ZIM, Willis, Volkswagen Beetle, Fiat Topolino, Chrysler, Horch, Ganomak, Chayka.
In craft courtyard backside you can see the zoo and barnyard, where in addition to the usual cows, geese and chickens live wild boar, ostrich and even american deer.
After a 2,5 hour tour will have free time to buy souvenirs and riding on horseback or in a cart.

Tour duration: 4 hours, around 100 km round way.

Tour price: 60 € (per car, 1-4 pax), 100 € (per car, 5-7 pax) plus excursion with an audio-guide (BYN 13 per person).

Note: the price quoted for reference purpose and is confirmed upon request. It covers transportation (the standard option for 4 pax is Mitsubishi Outlander). The tour is available round the week, except Mondays.

The Historical and Cultural Complex Stalin Line

Stalin Line is one of the most grandiose fortification ensembles in Belarus. It was opened on the 30th of July 2005. It was founded in order to immortalize a grandiose system of defensive regions “Stalin Line” and to become a symbol of Soviet people heroic struggle against Nazi invaders.

Historical and Cultural complex “Stalin Line” is represented by a military-historical museum in the open air. A part of a rifle company of Stalin line is recreated in the museum. Military engineers have recreated two pillboxes, artillery revetment and technical command post. Local engineering equipment was recreated due to pre-war charts. All kinds of trenches, corrugations, antitank ditches, positions for rifle sections, bunkers are represented in the exposition. In the military-historical museum you can find the fullest collection of weapons and military equipment, artillery, tanks, aviation and small arms which were in service of Belorussian Army in different times from the World War II. A unique exposition of Russian, Polish, German armored hoods saved from time of the World War I is represented in the museum.

Tour duration: 3.5 - 4 hours, around 80 km round way.

Tour price: 45 € (per car, 1-4 pax) plus entrance fees BYN 10

Note: the price quoted for reference purpose and is confirmed upon request. It covers transportation (the standard option for 4 pax is Mitsubishi Outlander), an English-speaking driver, parking fees. The tour is available round the week, except Mondays.
Visitors to the Historical and Cultural Complex "Stalin Line" offers a free audio guide in izi.TRAVEL application.
The application can be installed on the mobile device. Audio guide will help you learn more about many of the exhibits of the museum. izi.TRAVEL application can be installed from the Apple Store (iPhone or iPad), Google Play Store (for Android) or from the Windows Store (for Windows Phone). After installing the application, locate the Historical and Cultural Complex "Stalin Line". We recommend that you download the contents of the audio guide on the phone before visiting the museum, to be able to listen to stories without access to the network. How to install izi.TRAVEL application:

Download the app izi.TRAVEL, opening from your phone or tablet
Allow the use of location services
Open the Historical and Cultural Complex "Stalin Line"

Mir and Nesvizh Castles tour

During the excursion you’ll get acquainted with the masterpieces of Belarus. Medieval castle in Mir and palace complex in Nesvizh are included in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Belorussians, Polish, Jewish, Tatars, Gypsies always lived in chime in the small town Mir which is known more than six centuries. Orthodox and Catholic churches, the buildings of former yeshiva and synagogue, the houses of Mir citizens are included in the architectural ensemble of the former Market Square (today the Squire of the 17th of September).
In the private museum which is located in the building of former tavern you can find a lot of interesting exhibits which can tell a lot about the history of the town.
Mir castle is a great example of defense architecture. The exposition of the museum tells us about the history of the castle, about the manners and life of its owners – Ilinichy, Radzivill, Svetopolk- Mirsky, about the historical events. Medieval festivals, tournaments and markets are held near the walls of Mir Castle.

During the excursion to Nesvizh you’ll get acquainted with the amazing city which for four centuries has become a family home of the richest and powerful dynasty in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – Radziwill.
You’ll walk on the former Market Squire; see the oldest City Hall in Belarus, The Catholic Church of God’s Body. This is the first building in baroque style on East Slavic lands; it is included in every text-book and encyclopedia on architecture. This is the only in the West Europe necropolis of a family name which stands alongside with the famous Habsburg crypt in Vienna and the Spanish El Escorial of Philip II.Luxury Radzivil palace of the XVI century, extant Slutsk Brama of XVII century, elegant park of the XIX century are only part of the list of masterpieces which you’ll see while visiting a city-museum Nesvizh, the cultural capital of Belarus in 2012.

Tour duration: 8-9 hours, around 280 km round way.

Tour price:110 € (per car, 1-4 pax), 160 € (per car, 5-7 pax).

Note: the price quoted for reference purpose and is confirmed upon request. It covers transportation (the standard option for 4 pax is Mitsubishi Outlander), an English-speaking driver. The tour fee does not cover museum entrance fees (BYN 14 + BYN 3,3 audio guide in Nesvizh and BYN 12 + BYN 3 audio guide (Russian, Belarusian, English, German, Polish, Chinese) in Mir). The tour is available round the week. 

Grodno city tour

Grodno is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. The city is known from the beginning of the 12th century. It is an exceptional, unique city that combines the atmosphere of modernity and antiquity, mixing cultures and traditions.

During the city tour with a private English-speaking tour guide you will see the following tourist Grodno attractions:

- Boris and Gleb (Kolozhskaya) church (XII century) - the prototype of russian ancient stone architecture,
- s. Francis Xavier Cathedral (1678) - an outstanding monument of Belarusian architecture 17-18 c.,
- Holy Cross Church and the first pharmacy in Eastern Europe (opened in 1687);
- Old Castle (XII-XIX above.)
- New Castle (1751),
- Evangelical Church,
- Stone Synagogue

Tour duration: 12 hours, around 600 km round way.

Tour price: €45 (per car)

Please note, that the price above is valid if a private car transfer from Minsk to Grodno is arranged (€180). The tour is available round the week. 

If you need to visiting several tourist attractions or cities in Belarus, contact us by e-mail and we will create personal tour for you and calculate the cost.


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